Before Repair

When you are involved in a traffic accident you must perform the damage part yourself in order to correctly provide your personal data.

If you have advised your insurance company, an expert will evaluate the damages approximately between 24 and 48 hours after submitting the part and, if the repair is important, will follow up to the end.

If you have a full insurance policy with a franchise, the franchise is paid by the insured, but if you have not been responsible for the loss, you can recover the franchise by contacting your insurance company.

If you have the policy to third parties, you are not responsible for the accident and have identified to the contrary, the payment commitment of the company usually takes a few days (depending on those involved in the accident). In order to be able to quickly start the repair of the vehicle you will be able to take care of the invoice and then recover the amount of your company to present the workshop invoice.

If the company does not take care of the repair and this one is of considerable magnitude, it is possible that we need a previous payment for the purchase of spare parts.

If your vehicle has been declared a total loss by the company or you decide not to repair it, we inform you that the stay and custody service has a cost of € 25 per day plus VAT.

To facilitate the purchase of the remains, we can put you in contact with someone who can do it. Always demand to make the name change or lower the vehicle to traffic or do it yourself.

We have agreements with all insurance companies.

The repair of your vehicle will start when we have the commitment of the company solved in order to activate the intervention.

During repair

Repairs are done according to the brand standards of your vehicle. This sets us apart from most sheet metal and painting workshops.

All spare parts are ORIGINAL of the brand.

Even if the repair is carried out by the Insurer, if you had to change the tires, you might have to pay them in whole or in part. Some components in all vehicles are subject to wear and therefore have a depreciation.

The mechanical repairs of your vehicle will be made at the official dealership of the brand. For this, the car will usually move on a crane.

If the repair is large, the length of time in the workshop may be long. Exceptionally, some repairs can last between 2 and 3 months.

If you need a certificate of permanence, do not hesitate to ask your consultant in the workshop.

While the repair lasts we can keep you informed via e-mail if you provide us with your e-mail. In addition, if you require a photograph, you can also ask for it and we will provide it to you.

If you want to take advantage of having the car in the workshop for a few days to do other operations of Iron and Paint than those of the accident, ask your advisor for a quote.

Your vehicle will be repaired at temperatures that will damage objects that are not ready to exceed them. As a safety measure, we ask that you withdraw all that you consider of value when entrusting your vehicle to us. If you need solutions to your mobility consult your adviser.

We are committed to the environment. The paint used on your vehicle does not contain solvents in compliance with European regulations.

After the repair

In case the insured is a legal entity or autonomous (in the case of an industrial vehicle), he is responsible for paying the VAT of the repair.

If you prefer, once the vehicle is repaired, we can take it to your home or office. Check with your workshop consultant for the conditions of your case.

Your vehicle has been painted. We recommend that you do not go through the tunnel for a month or wash it under pressure or hot water and avoid applying any chemical. The paint may react and change in appearance, color or touch.